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The Winner Takes It All.

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River Flows in You. Let Her Go. Nothing Else Matters. Jung, Sungha. Bohemian Rhapsody. This Is Me. Queen: The Piano Medley. Cry Me a River. James Bartholomew.

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Jessie's song is about the adult's fear of being abandoned by the child. Your kids will play happily with you while they are babies and toddlers, but they grow up.

They don't want to play and be cuddled. They will change and outgrow you. Of course, your relationship with your children has to change; as they become adults it becomes more rewarding. But never again will it have that complete innocent playfulness, and a part of you will wind up, like cowgirl Jessie, left under the child's bed, forgotten. Is that too much of a "dark" reading of this moment? I don't know. But I have a weird feeling that I will have to revisit almost every film I have ever seen as a pre-parent, to see how it has changed.

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