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Experience Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star in a richer, interactive and more rewarding new way. This timeless tale comes alive with audio narration, read-along text, and interactive games and features. Each page contains a hidden surprise! Come and dive into the pages of Jack and the Beanstalk and join Jack in his adventure to defeat the giant! Spending time with friends and family! See it come to life with fabulous interactive activities your children are sure to enjoy. Summer swims move over for autumn sweaters until the snow comes back again.

In Julie Fogliano's skilled hand and illustrated by Julie Morstad's charming pictures, the seasons come to life in this gorgeous and compreh Toad have taken readers on a wild ride through the English countryside. Energetic illustrations by renowned artist Don Daily bring the riverbank's vibrant inhabitants to life in this en You just never know what a new day will hold if you are brave enough to find out.

And the best part of any adventure is returning home with stories to tell and you best The Lion who learns that even the king of the jungle must sometimes depend on the tiniest creature. The Country Mouse who comes to the city. Every child loves the imaginative power of fairy tales, and this extensive anthology is pure magic. At One Hoppin' Place, the countdown to bedtime is about to begin when a family of hamsters -- a mother and father with nine kids and a baby all wearing numbered striped jerseys -- arrive at the front door.

Is it possible to eat snowballs doused in ketchup - and nothing else - all winter? Can a washing machine wash dishes? By reading the step-by-step instructions, kids can discover the answers to such all-important questions along with the book's curious narrator. Here are 12 "hypotheses," as well a So writes Jack Prelutsky in his introduction to this exciting companion volume to the highly successful 20th Century Children's Book Treasury.

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Prelutsky has selected over short, fun-to-read poems by outstanding poets of this century. Though every decade is represented, the majority of the Equipped with a backpack full of supplies, Polo sets off on a little boat - and on a series of delightful adventures that take him across and under the ocean, to an island and a frozen iceberg, to space and home again, with a world of magical encounters along the way.

Airport Barton, Byron Library Binding. Describes and pictures what happens from the time an airplane passenger arrives at an airport, and boards an airplane until the plane is in the air.

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A zany picture book adventure featuring aliens in what else? Bake until golden brown. It may not be the usual recipe, but it's jus Philip Stead used to live in the busy city.

Now he lives in the country, and in this book he takes us on a tour of his new surroundings. At home there are stuffed bears and chickens on quilts.

Outside, his dog, Wednesday, watches cranes and waits for the deer. Seasons come and go and the landscape When Amelia Bedelia volunteers to fill in as director of a third-grade Thanksgiving play, she misunderstands everything from one girl's desire to play a big role to an opening night wish that she "break a leg," but all is well in the end. When Amelia Bedelia babysits for the Hardy family, she becomes involved in some unexpected remodeling of their house. The literal-minded housekeeper causes chaos at her local library when she stops by to help the librarian. All Ages.

Introduces counting and number systems by showing mathematical relationships in nature. The important thing about being One is that life has just begun. April, her mother, father and Sheba the cat live in a small apartment in New York and when they get another cat they move into a big apartment. Are You My Mother? Eres tu mi Mama?

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A new oversized bilingual edition of Are You My Mother? Now available in a larger size trim to accommodate the English and Spanish text, this bilingual edition of P. An adaptation of the Pueblo Indian myth which explains how the spirit of the Lord of the Sun was brought to the world of men. Tommy can't wait to start his art class at school. But once there, he is surprised to find rules! His art teacher wants him to copy her drawing, and he wants to create his own. Full color.

Through the goodness of her heart and with the help of the magic doll her mother made for her, Vasilisa earns the respect of the terrible witch Baba Yaga. With Baba Yaga's aid, she is freed of her wicked stepmother, and, eventually, she marries the czar. The lavish, ornate paintings are dramatic It is nighttime at the zoo.

The animals are asleep. All is still, until The baby beebee bird, new to the zoo, is singing his song Nothing the animals do or say will stop him. Until, that is, they come up with When it comes to kids' classics, nothing is more adored and renowned than Goodnight Moon and The Runaway Bunny.

Now, packaged together in a charming keepsake slipcase, these two ch Backhoe Joe Alexander, Lori Hardcover. Nolan's always wanted his own backhoe! So when he finds a stray backhoe in the street, he can't wait to adopt it.

But this backhoe is not very well behaved. As Nolan tries to train his new pet, he learns that maybe this backhoe already has a home. This delightful story of a boy and his constructi Bagel loved to dance. It made him happier than a birthday cake! And more than anything, he wants a partner who will spin and swirl, tap and twirl with him in the dance contest. Bake Sale Varon, Sara Hardcover. His days are full of cooking, socializing, and playing music. But lately, Cupcake has been struggling in the kitchen. And so is his mother, who repeats, "Bark, George. Find out in this fast, foolish, and funny farce from Jules Feiffer.

The water's in the tub and the towel's nearby. Everything is ready for Biscuit's bath -- everything except Biscuit!

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This little puppy would rather roll in the mud and play with his friend Puddles than get clean. Will Biscuit ever take his bath? Adapted by Hardcover. Beauty and the Beast Lee, H. Chuku Picture Books. In this remarkable retelling of Beauty and the Beast, award-winning illustrator Pat Cummings creates an enchanted fairy-tale world flavored by the art, architecture, and culture of West Africa, while writer H.

Chuku Lee stays true to the story of this beloved classic. With breathtaking palatial s Anyone who has ever put a little one to bed will find this delightfully familiar, and the children themselves will enjoy the gentle humor and coziness of the story. The story of Ben is fiction, but it could be the story of more than one jazz musician who grew up in the twenties.

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Using the art-deco style of the period, Rachel Isadora not only captures the poignancy and yearning of a youthful talent, but in page after page of striking art seems to convey the v Bera doesn't ask for much in life. She's a solitary, humble troll, tending her island pumpkin patch in cheerful isolation. She isn't looking for any trouble.