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Worldwide distribution to countries and a wide range of unique sales marketing services including press releases, media kits, and retail and magazine advertisements. Unique Bookselling service — a dedicated Bookseller to visit individual stores to sell your book. Unique Bookstore Service — guaranteeing copies of your book on the shelves of award winning bookshops.

UK based company that you are welcome to visit in person, with global distribution and print facilities. NGP takes pride in providing the best quality product as well as global distribution for our customers, we have worked with the production team to ensure we produce only market-leading end-products.

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As a result, we are working with a designer who will professionally typeset the books in InDesign to ensure the best presentation of the work. Furthermore, our printer has invested in new machines that will now print in landscape, increasing the format options for all of our authors.

If you are looking to publish a children's book, we also have an illustrator who can bring your characters to life if you need some artistic help. Unlike with most professional illustrators we can provide you with copyright and royalty free images. We have a huge wealth of knowledge about the publishing industry, including an understanding of traditional publishing houses that has helped inspire our commitment to new authors.

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Book a free call with one of our specialists. In ancient Egypt, a love story grows between a little girl called Sa-Ma and the pharaoh's son, En-Ma. As time passes, their love grows stronger, but their story might end as a sacrifice must be given to the Nile to keep flowing. Astral Philosophy aims to help the reader see and come to know the divine light that shines eternally in their soul.

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Seeing it opens up the world of Astral experiences. In the lead up to the second Gulf War, Saddam Hussein has acquired through the Russian mafia a sizeable quantity of biological weapons, specifically weapons grade anthrax. An incredible and fascinating journey of a boy Kenzie, who was indoctrinated to maintain his aristocratic childhood. He was further brainwashed by his friends, and accordingly, he became an active gang member with extremist ideology. Reflecting on personal experience is an important source of learning and development.

Reflection, if done in an effective and informed way, can improve different aspects of our personal and professional life, and help us cope with the stress of the modern life. Why would Adam Noone contemplate the murder of his new boss? After all, he is a respectable and successful "headhunter", isn't he?

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This darkly humorous book charts the downward spiral of a tarnished and self-absorbed protagonist as he travels from naive enthusiasm to cynical disillusionment through his career as a recruitment consultant at the turn of the century. Born of two cultures, black and white, the Deuss sisters live lives of privilege in Nyasaland, now Malawi, a magnificent country where people walk in fear of slave traders, where big game is hunted, and affluent colonials drink cocktails at sundown.

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Web Design Northampton by New Edge. Part of that is writing—she has published 21 full-length novels in three years—and part is marketing. Many authors buy ads on Amazon, effectively paying their employer to get more customers. The structure of Kindle Unlimited also means writers need to churn out a lot of content. Since , Lea Robinson and Melissa King have published more than romance novels and novellas on Amazon under the pen name Alexa Riley.

They told me by phone that they make the bulk of their money from payments from KDP Select as people read their backlist of titles on Kindle Unlimited. Each woman tries to write 3, words a day, and Alexa Riley generally publishes three books a month. Each writes from about nine to five each day, and never on the weekends.

They have a formula—sexy men, headstrong women, a happy ending—that they and their readers both enjoy.

What is a Self-Publisher?

But King and Robinson have tried the traditional route, and found it less lucrative than Amazon. It took nearly a year between the time they finished the book and the time it was published; on Amazon, it usually takes about two weeks.

The book was much longer than their traditional works, at 95, words, yet the money was about half what it would have been with Amazon. Retailers will continue losing market share, and Amazon will gain it. Even losing a small share of readers to Kindle Unlimited could be fatal for retailers. Amazon is, he argues, creating a market with fewer retailers. Then, when all the other options have disappeared and Amazon completely dominates the market, Amazon will raise prices and charge authors less, and authors and readers will be trapped, he speculated.

In response to this, Amazon said that authors set their own prices for books. Amazon does have a history of hooking people on products and services and then changing the terms.

An Amazon spokesman told me that authors find it valuable to participate in KDP Select, and that 95 percent re-enroll in the program every month. Now, anyone can try to reach a large audience without going through the traditional publishing gatekeepers. King and Robinson, of Alexa Riley, told me that a traditional publishing house probably would never have accepted their manuscripts because their books were too dirty.

But have authors traded one corporate overlord for another? Now, Amazon is making the rules, prohibiting authors from publishing both on Kindle Unlimited and on other sites, for example, incentivizing people to produce huge amounts of content, and stoking a race to the bottom on book prices. Authors who may have, in an e-book utopia, been able to set their own prices and sell their books wherever they want online, now have to choose: go exclusively with Amazon and KDP Select or try to sell their books without Amazon.

Authors getting all their sales from Amazon are playing a dangerous game, Coker said.

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  7. But for now, self-published authors seem to be willing to take that risk. Samantha Christy told me that an agent recently approached her to talk to her about going the traditional publishing route. As of press time, Mike Omer was still the top author on Amazon.