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In fact — where is any prophecy or teaching given by Jesus in Matthew that his righteousness will apply to anyone else but himself? Also — is God incapable to forgive sin without sheading of blood? Read Ezekiel Paul lied against God Almighty and makes Him out ot be no better than a Baal follower sacrificing their children!!!!????? Truth from Cain to Jesus is that repenting and doing better is what brings us closer to God.

Sweet Evil

God said man is capable and responsible to overcome his own sin — that it no posses him and rule over him. So you believe the Law at Sinai was given by angels who are not God? Richard, If you live in the northern part of the eastern seaboard. Perhaps we can find a way to gather. I am praying to meet people that think this way. Anyone else for that matter. I could not drive 4 hours one way, every day, unless the Lord provide a way. In which case I would.

Umm… nevermind. I should have read all of your posts first. I am willing to be open to my understanding of scripture but I am pretty sure the Holy Spirit would not take me here. I am a member of the body of Christ wherever they may be which is the true church , although I am alone. I am alone because the said churches are not the church.

They are not truly Christian. So my problem is in not being able to find genuine Christians because they do not pass the most basic test of being a true Christian. They will not fellowship or come into the true church of God. The church is me, which they deny having any fellowship with simply because I do in fact declare the truth. Speak freely of our glorious Lord Jesus to anyone and everyone, brother, as His Spirit may prompt you.

Share Jesus with others. Be thankful to Him and humble. Not God, I assure you. Jesus clearly stated that the Holy Spirit will guide you to all truth. Your verbal assaults on those who are simply sharing what is in their hearts is an indicator of your inner insecurity. You tweak the scriptures to fit what you desire them to say rather than allowing them to speak to you. Case in point is your misrepresentation of Hebrews If you really take a sincere evaluation of your spiritual walk you will find that you are trying to add some old wine to the new wine…which is never good.

For the law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus hath made me free from the law of sin and death. Jim T.

Dear Church, Here’s Why People Are Really Leaving You

What did Paul, Peter and John do when they woke up with a boner? Sin is inescapable. Jesus is The Solution to that enigma. No human will ever be perfect on this earth. Excepting Jesus, of course. I am sorry if it appeared that way. At any rate I am absolutely in agreement with your view. Why would we even need a Savior if we had even the slightest capability of becoming sinless by our efforts? I accepted this belief because I found it impossible to be righteous continually and believed that all those people at the church could….

Of course, neither you or I view this as a license to sin. But those of true humility accept their sinful nature, are extremely grateful for the gift of a Savior, which causes us to desire sin less and less. I agree we will not be perfect while in our flesh. Amen, brother!

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As you and I agree, we are sinful by nature. Wonder where HE went? Hey, btw, this church I was attending for a while, the pastor started in, suddenly, beating the drum for donations of money. I scrammed out of that church so fast you could hear the wind whistling amongst the pews, never to return. You taught me well, dear brother.

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Thanks again! It was August, As I was preparing to go on a mission to Ghana with 18 young souls, I was reading a letter from the pastor of a sister church there and the activities our group was going to engage in. Preaching in various villages, worshiping, casting out demons, etc, etc. We arrived in Ghana and split in to groups of three and a guide for each group for translation. Ghana has a very distinct aroma and color. The area is lush green and the earth is a burnt orange. Vultures are in abundance like pigeons in a city.

Termites create hills that are up to six feet high and the people smile and glow. Sometimes when people greet each other and talk to one another they will hold hands for an extended time. The village we ended up in for the night had goats and chickens walking around, some huts were wood, some on the outskirts were clay with grass roofs. We set up to hold a service in the village school, a typical single-roomed wood building.

As the pastor of that village began to speak and the worship team began a guy playing a homemade drum and a girl with an angelic voice to sing to signal the start of the service.

Deals with the Devil: A Brief Musical History

I was pacing and praying outside the building getting my being ready to be used. Off in the distance I could see a few women dancing in the moonlight to the worship music being played. They were not on their way to attend, they were just enjoying the moment by their hut, it was beautiful.

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  • The service began and I preached about the power of prayer of a righteous man citing Elisha and how it is meant for everybody to have that power through the righteousness of Christ. As we ended the service, we started worshipping and the people lined up to be prayed over. One by one they came forward to receive prayer. At the end of the line was a teenage girl. When she made her way to the front and spoke with the pastor it was learned that she was full of demons, my spirit leapt, this was the very moment, the very reason I was to be on this mission trip.

    I told the people of that vision.

    The church isn’t even biblical, is it?

    I prayed, the music rang, I prayed and the people sang. The service ended, I was elated and exhausted. We spent a few more days in the village walking from house to house, praying and preaching, I was never lost for the right words, reaching all sorts of souls, and seeing signs everywhere, for thus I know Christ is alive. I have seen people from all walks of life living a life of destruction and the Church reaching out to these people changing lives, reuniting families and these people becoming whole again, I know the Church saves.

    Maybe what bothers you should actually amaze you

    I have also seen many of people strung out from condemnation and guilt, broken and hurting deep inside from the constant pressure of trying to do what is right according to the preaching and teaching of those deemed as leaders of the Church. I know the people are imperfect. Some responded with open arms and other responded with condemnation, no uniformity, it was very confused and confusing. Unfortunately the president of the congregation I was attending announced from the pulpit as he was preaching that he would not live in a country where that allowed same sex marriage.

    I was like What? That stuck with me, and not in a good way. He was preaching hate and condemnation while supposed to be representing love and grace.

    Yes, the people are imperfect. You wrote you can not separate Church from Christ, this is truth, but where it gets convoluted is when one needs to separate the people church from the Church. This is a main concept I have learned in my spiritual walk, follow Christ, not people. This will be and is the downfall of the Church. One must be able to separate the people of the Church from the Church itself. A man must work out his own salvation.