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"The Secret Cave" by H. P. Lovecraft

A massive statue of Buddha, known as the Jade Buddha, overlooks the valleys below where there is a hidden cave that holds 16 Chinese pastors from Tanghe, Henan Province, who were arrested on May 4, The local government is using the secret cave, known as Laojundong Old Military Cave , as a black re-education camp. First, it cannot be observed by foreign satellite cameras that might be able to monitor the activities of the re-education camp.

Taoist writings tell a story from the mountains where a man known as Heng Jing from a county bordering Nanyang lost his parents to an evil plague. Heng Jing was commissioned to fight against the spirits that were coming to destroy the Chinese culture, so he led the people to climb to the highest mountains to defeat the evil spirits.

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The Chinese government feels that Christianity challenges the spirits of Chinese folklore in this region. So, taking pastors to the caves of the Xixia mountains is historically significant. At the writing of this article, 16 pastors are being physically, mentally, and spiritually tortured. Please pray for them.

Secret of the Cave

To hear more details about this, you can listen to the BTJ podcast by going to www. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. This cave was not chosen by accident.

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It was strategically chosen for two reasons: First, it cannot be observed by foreign satellite cameras that might be able to monitor the activities of the re-education camp. Leave your thought Click here to cancel the reply.

About Back to Jerusalem We exist to help the Chinese Church fulfill the vision they have received from God to take the good news to the nations in the window. The place is known as 'Tatopani' hot springs. In front of the cave there is a small monastery and a stupa. The entrance-way to the cave is a low tunnel of about 10 metres in length. Inside the cave, there are numerous imprints left by Guru Rinpoche , including of the Lotus Hat that liberates upon seeing , and the Pandita Hat. Outside the cave, above the door is the body of a nun which Guru Rinpoche transformed into rock.

It is said that Padmasambhava liberated her in this way to inspire future generations who would see the rock. After passing the gate and entering an inner patio, as you face the stairs that lead up to the cave, there is a path on the left that leads to a hole. It is said that, if you can pass through that hole, all your obscurations will be purified. Also, according to the oral tradition, from above the cave itself there are underground passages that lead to another cave, " The Hidden Cave in the East".

About twenty-five metres down-stream on the banks of the river are rocks with the impressions of two foot prints of Guru Rinpoche and also of the body of the Rakshasa he grabbed there and took to the cave.