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More In Affordable Care Act. IRS Health Care Tax Tip , June 28, If you are a self-insured employer, applicable large employer or health coverage provider, the deadline to electronically file information returns with the IRS is June The or-more requirement applies separately to each type of return and separately to each type of corrected return.

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All filers are encouraged to electronically file even if you have less than returns. Electronically filing ACA information returns requires an application process PDF that is separate from other electronic filing systems.

In general, providers of minimum essential coverage report on Form B, which is accompanied by a single transmittal form, Form B, for all returns filed for a given calendar year. Providers file one Form B for all individuals covered together under a policy or program.

Applicable large employers will file a separate Form C for each full-time employee. Why is the Obamacare population sicker and causing so many big rate increases a year earlier than expected? Is Obamacare financially sustainable in its present form?

Is it politically sustainable as it is? The most recent Real Clear Politics average of recent Obamacare approval finds But after that income level the percentage of those eligible who have signed up drops like a rock.

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The proportion of the population that is signing up for Obamacare is concentrated in the very lowest income categories while Obamacare is obviously unattractive to everyone else. So, this picture tells the story. Obamacare is unpopular because only the poorest have literally embraced it by buying it. Why do they buy it? Because they pay very little in after subsidy premium and they get their deductibles and co-pays substantially reduced to boot.

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And who votes? Obamacare will never be popular, or a great vote getter, unless it meets the needs of other than the poorest. The good news is this is about half the price of an unsubsidized policy.

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Apparently, many of these families have concluded that they are better off staying uninsured and paying for their health care costs out-of-pocket. Of course if someone in the family is really sick even premiums and deductibles this high can be a great deal. And therein lies the challenge as the administration tries to sign-up enough healthy people to offset the cost of the sick, who will join no matter what the price, and keep premiums affordable. To be financially sustainable Obamacare is going to have to attract a lot more people.

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So, far the only people attracted to Obamacare are the poorest—whose premiums and out-of-pocket costs are very attractive. Of course they are! Just look at the picture.