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The Glory of the Cross

The story is not found in the synoptics, but cf. Mk and parallels; Lk — In both a man named Lazarus dies; in Luke, there is a request that he return to convince his contemporaries of the need for faith and repentance, while in John, Lazarus does return and some believe but others do not. Lk ; Mt Thomas is derived from the Aramaic word for twin; in an ancient Syriac version and in the Gospel of Thomas —12 his given name, Judas, is supplied. See note on Mk Actually, Caiaphas was high priest A. The Jews attributed a gift of prophecy, sometimes unconscious, to the high priest.

Print Share Calendar Diocesan Locator. The failure that at the beginning of the psalm seemed certain is now swallowed up in victory. This success will not just be personal or individual but will be worldwide. The picture here is not of a brief time of success for the cause of the Lord, but the assurance that the time of suffering will lead to a time of great spreading of the knowledge of God throughout the earth.

And surely, since the time of Pentecost, we have seen the fulfillment of this promise. All around the world today, Jesus is known and worshiped. He is the active One who ultimately gives victory to His cause. The Lord achieves His triumph through the instruments He uses.

Such proclamation is vital to the mission of God in the world. While God uses instruments to accomplish His purposes, the glory is His alone, for it is He who acts through them and ensures their success. Our God hears our prayers, fulfills His promises, and fills us with praise. To him be glory forever. As we seek to understand Psalm 22 so that we can appropriate it and use it, we need to see in it the direction of the history of the church: first suffering and then glory.

We also need to see something of a pattern of piety for the church and for the individual Christian.

This Is Our Time: Everyday Myths in Light of the Gospel

The pattern is this: The real and inescapable problems of life in this fallen world should lead us to prayer. Prayer should lead us to remembering and meditation on the promises of God, both those fulfilled in the past and those that we trust will be fulfilled in the future.

Remembering the promises of God will help us to praise Him as we ought. This excerpt is adapted from Learning to Love the Psalms by W. Issue: October , Vol. More From: Jeremy Treat. October More from this Issue. Read These Next Trending.

'Keep sending missionaries,' Karen Watson wrote in letter

The Exchange. Social Science. Scripture warns against sloth—and against using it to explain away oppression. Confessing God.

The Dead South - Gunslinger's Glory

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